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The oldest organ in Kansas is located in Cawker City's Methodist Church. Built in 1886 by Pilcher's Sons of Louisville, the organ was originally owned by the congressional church in Kinsley, Kansas. At the time, it was the only organ in Kansas west of Emporia. 

In 1931, the organ was purchased by the Methodist church in Cawker City placed in their native limestone church. The Church was built in 1885 and rebuilt in 1911 after a fire practically destroyed the structure. By 1976, structural defects necessitated the razing of the stone church and a new sanctuary was built. At this time, the organ was restored by Reuter Organ Co., Lawrence, Kansas and installed in the new sanctuary. 

The organ is typically English in construction and features painted pipes with "Victorian stencil" designs. Besides the obvious English stop names of Diapason and Dulcianna, other English features include a swell box for the upper manual, two foot levers which add or take off stops on the great for quick dynamic changes, and the use of a 12 note common bass stop for each manual for the stops which begin at tenor C. The organ can. be pumped by hand or winded by an electric motor. The case is of ash and oak and the key desk and pedal board are of walnut

The 1886 Victorian organ, built by Henry Pilcher's Son of Louisville Kentucky, inspired a tradition of Christmas decorations to complete the instrument. What began in 1978 with a single wreath hung above the console, has been added to each year and now encompases the entire sanctuary. 

Henry Pilcher's Sons

The oldest organ in Kansas

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