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City Utility Bills

The City of Cawker City bills for Electric, Water, Sewer, and Trash

  • Trash pickup is curbside, Tuesday mornings.

  • Electric, water and sewer are regulated by ordinances

Utility bills are due by the 10th each month. If unpaid, a 10% penalty will be charged.

Disconnect date for non-payment is the 21st of each month. A $20.00 reconnect fee for water, and a $20.00 reconnect fee for electric, in addition to the current account balance must be paid in full before utilities will be reconnected. 

New Utility Accounts

A Utility Deposit of $150 is required for all new utility accounts. If utilities are paid on time every month (for 12 consecutive months), the deposit will be refunded with interest. 

A service connect fee of $35.00 for Electric, and $20.00 for water plus applicable tax is also due before utilities will be turned on. See complete breakdown of service connect fees below. 




Sub Total

Utility Deposit

Total Due








Denelle Mick, City Clerk


Payments & Utilities

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